Based in Tokyo, Japan, Truweal Inc. develops software equipment. B-Track is a series of software components for EIA 709.1 network management which can be used either as a complete system or for selected functions.

We are a European distributor for B-Track.


B-Track covers the entire phase of EIA 709.1 network development.

provides a seamless host application development environment

  • To test the EIA 709.1 network device.

  • To install an EIA 709.1 network.

  • To monitor and control network variables.

  • To maintain an EIA 709.1 network.

Key Benefits

Platform independent

Development-tool independent

High performance

Client-Server architecture

Remote access to EIA 709.1 network over TCP/IP network

Transparent - No hidden functions

Easy licensing model


Supported Operating Systems

B-Track supports most major operating systems.

    • Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me

    • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP Version 4.0 and higher

    • Microsoft Windows CE Version 2.11 and higher

    • Linux Kernel Version 2.2 or higher

    • VxWorks